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R&F Construction OfficialBlog & News

Jun 7

It seems everyday technology becomes faster, better, and more powerful. Find out how technology has changed the construction industry.

May 11

With summer storms approaching, learn how to wind and water-proof your home.

Apr 24

The weather is getting warmer, and soon we’ll be knee-deep in prime home and wildfire season. Especially if you’re living in a dry, hot climate, the risks for serious fires and, as a result, severe damages, are something you should be keenly aware of. With that in mind, there are some simple, intuitive steps you…

Mar 27

It’s time to finish or remodel your basement. Here’s what you should consider.

Feb 24

Spring is almost here! Time to think high-value home improvement projects.

Dec 9

Your holiday cheer will be crushed if a fire breaks out or a family member is hurt setting up lights. Keep these tips in mind for a safe holiday season.

Nov 11

Stay warm this winter and prevent house fires with these fire prevention tips.

Oct 20

R&F Construction specializes in home construction and renovation. We can take your unfinished basement and create a hockey themed room you and the boys will never leave. Give us a call today to talk to us about your needs and to get an estimate.

Sep 7

Up your man cave game, or create the space you need for a cave you’ll never leave.

Aug 23

Heavy rainfall often arrives without much notice. Protect your home and your outdoor possessions this Fall.