R&F is considered an Essential Service and now provides COVID-19 Related Services.

While Canadians are staying home and practicing physical distancing, our R&F Construction DKI team has been putting themselves on the front lines, both by providing essential services to residential, government, commercial and healthcare facilities, and by providing a COVID-19 centric cleaning service that is aimed at stopping the spread of the disease.

Applying our extensive knowledge and expertise from abatement services related to other dangerous/toxic materials (asbestos, mould, etc.), R&F Construction DKI has developed a cleaning protocol that combines disinfectants and cleaners that meet current CDC and Health Canada recommendations, with proven application techniques designed to eradicate the virus on surfaces and in the air. Not only is this key to stopping the spread of the disease, it also ensures a safe environment for staff and patrons.

Call 1-800-228-7739 to speak with one of our certified abatement personnel.