Water damage restoration

Water damage comes in a variety of forms and can be caused by everything from burst pipes to overflowing bodies of water. No matter the cause or extent of the damage, R&F Construction provides the water damage recovery solutions you need to get your home or business back to normal.

In our decades of service, we have helped countless home and business owners recover from flooding and water damage situations. As a full service restoration company, we'll take care of everything, including:

  • water extraction
  • drying and de-humidification
  • take steps to prevent mould growth
  • repair of any damaged sections
  • contents pack-out cleaning and restoration

Give us a call for fast, reliable and effective water damage restoration! 1-800-228-7739.

(Pictured below) Massive flooding at a university residence due to a valve malfunction on the top floor. R&F was on the scene within 45 minutes of the early morning call and had crews working around the clock to have the affected areas (7 floors in total) restored and returned to livable within 6 days. R&F isolated and stopped the leak, removed water and moisture from all carpets, removed/dried/returned furniture, removed/replaced/repainted drywall, etc.

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